MiM Plans and Pricing

MiM Plans & pricing

Customizable end-to-end services

With our highly personalized MiM consulting services, we mentor a select few Indian and international candidates each year to significantly enhance their chances of getting into their dream business schools globally. By choosing admitStreet, you will get to work directly with Arvind Kumar.

Our success spans the top business schools in the USA, Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands), UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and India. Till date, we’ve had a 100% success rate for our 5+ school application packages i.e. all candidates received atleast 1 admit, with scholarships ranging from USD 15K to USD 100K.

We follow 3 simple (but important) principles that help us achieve our success:

  1. Be honest: We are candid and straightforward in our communication, ensuring our clients (who are high-potential candidates) have a clear understanding of their prospects and our capabilities.
  2. Work hard: With meticulous attention to detail, we work closely with our clients at every stage of their admissions journey, striving for excellence.
  3. Don’t overcharge: We offer competitive rates that reflect the value of our services, ensuring accessibility without compromising on quality. Since we don’t spend a dime on marketing, we’re able to pass on the savings to you!

Check out some of our success stories where applicants have overcome formidable obstacles to secure admission to their dream business schools. Delving into their journeys will hopefully give you a sense of familiarity, hope and self-belief in your own aspirations.

Recognized for our excellence, admitStreet is a member of AIGAC – an elite global body of admissions consultants.

MiM Admissions

Choose from our range of MiM admissions consulting services from essay editing to interview preparation and comprehensive packages.

All prices are inclusive of taxes. No hidden charges!
We offer discounts for Indian B-schools such as ISB and IIMs. Reach out to us for details on pricing.

MiM Application Packages (Early-bird pricing)

Number of SchoolsPricing in INR (Contact us for USD quotes)
1 School PackageINR 35,000
3 School PackageINR 90,000
5 School PackageINR 1,40,000
7 School PackageINR 1,80,000

For each school in the MiM Application Package, our scope covers:

  • MiM StreetMap QuestionnaireTM
  • Initial brainstorming session (Program shortlist and Action plan)
  • CV review
  • Anecdote Repository for the school
  • Review and Editing of Essays for the school (including Additional Brainstorming sessions)
  • Review of Recommendation Letters for the school
  • Guidance on KIRA Essays for the school
  • Final Application Review for the school
  • Scholarship assistance, for both internal and external scholarships
  • Scholarship negotiations
  • 1:1 Personalized mentorship from Arvind Kumar, throughout the process

Interview preparation is not covered in our MiM Application Packages. It is offered as a separate service which you can book as and when needed (details below). Most candidates who work with us sign up for the 7-School MiM Application Package, and 3 Mock Interviews.

Our MiM essay editing process consists of 8 steps (while this serves as an overview, each step will be tailored and personalized specifically for you):

Step 1: MiM StreetMapTM Questionnaire

Our proprietary MiM StreetMapTM questionnaire has been meticulously crafted based on our extensive work with candidates, and insights from our discussions with AdCom’s, alumni and current students at the top-10 MiM programs. You’ll be asked to fill this right after you sign up with us.

Think of it as the first step to jot down your unfiltered, unstructured thoughts, which will serve as groundwork for our next steps.

Step 2: Initial Brainstorming Session (Program Shortlist & Action Plan)

We want to know you, and understand who you are beyond your CV and scores. Before we dive into the MiM application essay review and editing, it’s crucial to align on our approach.

During the brainstorming session, we’ll discuss your professional experiences, career goals and personal journey. Your responses to the StreetMapTM Questionnaire will further guide our discussion pointers.

This can be a video call booked at your convenient slot. After this brainstorming session, you can schedule further sessions (on Google-Meet or Zoom) as and when you need them.

If you need help in prioritizing the list of your target schools, using a structured methodical approach (which considers factors unique to YOU such as your work-ex, GMAT/ GRE score, age, career goals, extracurriculars, financial/ geographical preferences, etc.) we will also cover it in the brainstorming session.

At the end of the discussion, you will have 8 – 10 Business Schools prioritized into Ambitious, Reach and Safe categories – a list unique to you. We will also devise a clear action plan with key tasks and timelines, which will guide our working process going forward.

Step 3: CV Review

Building a strong MiM resume is critical to both ensuring that your profile stands out (this is typically the first document being assessed by AdComs) and setting the tone for our application essays.

By going through every line on your CV and suggesting ways to enhance it, we’ll make sure that you present the best version of yourself to your target programs

Step 4: Anecdote repository

Based on feedback and discussions in the above steps, we will prepare a repository of anecdotes, featuring your strengths, weaknesses, achievements, failures, learnings, etc. The anecdotes would then be prioritized.

This will help us bring more structure to the process, and discuss the specific content for each essay for the chosen school.

Step 5: Essay editing (and Additional brainstorming sessions)

During the initial essay iterations, we focus on the building blocks – structure, coherence, impact and uniqueness. Expect tons of suggestions and edits/ re-edits on your drafts. As we go through the process and refine the essays, you will see a robust, logical and compelling version emerging. If you’re stuck, additional brainstorming sessions can be scheduled as and when you need them.

Remember, we’re in this together. We don’t cap the number of iterations – we do as many reviews until we’re both satisfied with the quality of the essays!

Step 6: Recommendations review

From guiding on who to choose as recommender(s) to reviewing the Recommendation Letters, we will make sure that your overall application is aligned and the best parts are being presented in the most effective way.

Step 7: Guidance on KIRA/ Video Essays

While traditional written essays remain significant factors in the application, many top-tier business schools have started asking applicants to submit video essays.

We’ll work closely with you on how to structure your pointers, and effectively present yourself in the KIRA/ Video essays, which would take you one step closer to the interview call.

Step 8: Final application review

The essays are done, you’ve filled in the application form, and you’re ready to hit the submit button. We’ll go through the entire application with you to ensure everything is intact, and clarify any queries you may have.

Our support doesn’t end here. We also help you with scholarship applications (both internal and external) and in negotiating scholarships, so you get the best return on your investment. We’re glad to share that several of our candidates have landed scholarships ranging from $20K – $100K, several times what they pay us!

Ready to get started? Reach out to us!

MiM Mock Interview Packages

No. of SessionsPricing in INR (Contact us for USD quotes)
1 SessionINR 8,000
2 SessionsINR 14,000
3 SessionsINR 20,000
Scope: Mock interviews to prepare you best for the D-day. All mocks will be conducted by admissions/ alumni interviewers, who have assessed numerous candidates and have successfully gone through the process themselves.

Each session will include:

Preparatory Stage – Firstly, we will share a list of ‘commonly asked’ questions, customized based on your target school, profile and essays. You will then be asked to fill in pointers for each question, which we will review prior to the mock.

Mock Interview – We then schedule a 60-minute mock interview at your convenient slot. The mock will simulate the actual interview you will likely face. This is based on our personal experience (serving in the admissions interview panel) as well as our extensive insights from MiM AdComs, Alumni and students across schools and batches.

Detailed Feedback – Post mock, we will provide you with detailed verbal and written feedback on all your responses. We will also share suggestions and best practices including feedback on your content e.g. structure, impact; and delivery e.g. body language, voice modulation. 

Hourly session

Duration (in hours)Pricing in INR (Contact us for USD quotes)
1 HourINR 9,000

Scope: 1-hour session which can be used to discuss any topic you would like e.g. formulate your GMAT/ MiM strategy, shortlist/ prioritize target programs, get a specific essay reviewed (live), seek a second opinion, etc. Pick your topic and book an hour of video/ audio session to discuss it in-depth.

Ready to get started? Reach out to us!

Candidates outside India – please email consultingteam[at]admitstreet[dot]com and we’ll quote the USD prices.