HEC Paris MiM Program – A Complete Overview

By Arvind Kumar

If you are looking to begin your journey of academic excellence with the HEC Paris Master in Management (MiM) Program – a powerhouse of global business education – this article is for you.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the vibrant Class of 2024, witness the remarkable employment stories from the Class of 2023, navigate application deadlines and program overview, decode the cost of attendance, application process, and unveil the door to financial assistance through scholarships. 

Let’s uncover the key facets that make HEC Paris MiM a transformative experience.

HEC Paris MiM – At a Glance

1. European Business School Leader: HEC Paris MiM claims the prestigious title of the #1 European Business School, a testament to its academic prowess, innovative curriculum, and global impact.

2. Unrivaled Worldwide Master in Management: The program has secured the top spot as the #1 Worldwide Master in Management, affirming its global influence and standing among premier business institutions.

3. Cultural Melting Pot: The MiM program at HEC Paris thrives on diversity, boasting a vibrant community representing 52 nationalities. This rich cultural tapestry enhances the learning experience, fostering a global mindset among students. It also has 70,000 alumni across the globe.

4. Impressive Post-Graduation Outcomes: Graduates of the HEC Paris MiM program witness remarkable professional trajectories, with an average salary of €121,000 three years after graduation, as per the Financial Times Ranking 2023.

5. Swift Employment and Global Presence: HEC Paris MiM achieves a 100% employment rate within three months of graduation, reinforcing its commitment to delivering career-ready graduates. Furthermore, 40% of these professionals choose to embark on international careers, showcasing the program’s global relevance.

HEC Paris MiM Class Profile

As we dive into the HEC Paris Master in Management (MiM) Class of 2024, we witness a diverse and dynamic cohort that reflects the school’s commitment to fostering a truly international and inclusive learning environment. 

HEC Paris MiM Class Profile

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the class profile, highlighting key aspects and observations:

Class Demographics

International Students42%
Total Students427
Average Age22
Median GMAT700
HEC Paris MiM Class Profile

Academic Background

The academic diversity within the HEC Paris MiM Class of 2024 is a testament to the program’s appeal to individuals from various educational disciplines:

Field of StudyPercentage
Social Sciences, Humanities25%
Business, Management17%
Accounting, Finance5%

University Location

HEC Paris continues to attract students from across the globe, with a majority hailing from Europe. The geographic distribution of the class is as follows:

Asia Pacific9%
Middle East5%


  • International Diversity: The significant presence of international students (42%) underscores HEC Paris’s global reputation and its ability to attract talent from diverse cultural backgrounds. This diversity enriches the learning experience by exposing students to a variety of perspectives.
  • Gender Equality: With 47% of the class being women, HEC Paris is making strides toward achieving gender parity in its MiM program. The school’s commitment to fostering an inclusive environment is reflected in this balanced representation.
  • Academic Variety: The diverse academic backgrounds of students, spanning engineering, humanities, economics, and more, contribute to a multidimensional learning atmosphere. This mix ensures a rich exchange of ideas, combining the analytical thinking of engineers with the creativity of humanities scholars.
  • Global Reach: The class’s representation from various regions (Europe, Asia Pacific, Americas, Middle East, and Africa) highlights HEC Paris’s status as a truly global business school. This global reach prepares students for an interconnected world, exposing them to different business practices and cultural nuances.

HEC Paris MiM Employment Report 2023

As the curtain falls on the academic journey for the Master in Management (MiM) Class of 2023 at HEC Paris, the employment outcomes paint a promising picture of diverse career paths and international opportunities.

HEC Paris MiM Employment and Placements

Here’s an in-depth look at the key employment statistics and noteworthy observations:

Employment Statistics

Employment within 3 Months100%
Work Outside Home Country36%
Average Starting Salary€67,000
Average Salary after 3 Years€121,000
HEC Paris MiM Employment and Placements

Graduate Job Sectors

HEC Paris MiM graduates of 2023 have found themselves in a variety of industries, showcasing the program’s ability to prepare students for diverse professional landscapes:

Finance & Accounting28%
General Management22%
Marketing, Sales12%
Technology, Data Sciences3%

Graduate Job Locations

The geographic spread of HEC Paris MiM graduates’ employment highlights the program’s global outlook and the international mobility of its alumni:

Other European Countries16%
United Kingdom16%
Asia Pacific6%


  • Swift Employment: The fact that 100% of the class secured employment within three months of graduation speaks volumes about the program’s effectiveness in preparing students for the job market. This quick transition into professional roles reflects the high demand for HEC Paris MiM graduates.
  • Global Careers: With 36% of graduates working outside their home country, HEC Paris MiM alumni are truly embracing global opportunities. This international mobility underscores the program’s emphasis on cultivating a global mindset and the versatility of skills imparted to students.
  • Competitive Salaries: The average starting salary of €67,000 and the average salary after three years reaching €121,000 showcase the financial rewards of an HEC Paris MiM education. Graduates are not only finding employment quickly but are also positioned for career progression and lucrative compensation.
  • Diverse Sectors: The distribution across various sectors, with finance, consulting, and general management leading the way, demonstrates the adaptability of HEC Paris MiM graduates. They are entering diverse industries, showcasing the program’s ability to equip students with versatile skills applicable across sectors.

HEC Paris MiM Program Overview

The HEC MiM program is structured over two years, encompassing a generalist phase (M1) in the first year and a specialization phase (M2) in the second. There is also an option to take a gap year between year 1 and year 2.

HEC Paris MiM Program Overview

Let’s take a closer look at the key components of the program.

Year 1: (M1) General Management Phase

  • Timeline: September to September
  • Structure: Emphasis on core courses, elective courses, academies, career skills passport, specializations (double degree option), research paper, and certificates.
  • Core Courses:
    • Managing Organizational Performance
    • Company Law
    • Capital Structure
    • Corporate Valuation
    • Financial Economics, and more.
  • Waiver Scheme: Opportunity to waive up to 7 courses and 21 credits based on prior knowledge.
  • 150+ Electives: Offered in various domains such as Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, International Affairs, and more.

Optional Gap Year

During the period between the first and second year, students have the opportunity to pursue an optional gap year to enhance their CVs with practical experience. Exploring the intricacies of a specific field such as finance, marketing, or consulting allows them to gain insights into their aspirations and chart their desired career path. Support from HEC Talents and extensive business connections facilitates the process of securing dream internships.

Year 2: (M2) Specialization Phase

  • Timeline: September to September
  • Specializations at HEC Paris Campus:
    • International Finance
    • Accounting & Financial Management
    • Managerial & Financial Economics
    • Quantitative Economics & Finance
    • Marketing, and others.
  • Specializations with French Partner Institutions:
    • Cognitive Sciences
    • International Human Resources Management
    • Projet d’Innovation et Conception, and more.

Year 2: Abroad

After your M1 year at HEC Paris, you can spend one semester at HEC Paris and the other in a fellow CEMS member school. The joint degree equips you with a unique, horizon-broadening training in business and an acute intercultural sensitivity

  • Specialization: International Business – HEC-CEMS Master in International Management. Founded in 1988, CEMS is a global alliance offering a joint degree with 34 world-class schools.
  • Double Degrees in Management: Opportunities in Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, USA, and more.
  • Exchange Programs: Collaborations with top US MBA programs and exchange opportunities in Latin America, China, Japan, and India.


  • Timeline: Throughout the Program
  • Certificates Offered:
    • Digital Transformation
    • Engagement & Commitment Towards Society
    • Digital Entrepreneurship
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Energy & Finance, and more.

HEC Paris Certificates, featuring over 100 contact hours on real business projects, complement the program, providing students with insights into diverse aspects of successful business operations. 

The MiM program at HEC Paris is a holistic journey, shaping versatile and skilled professionals ready to navigate the challenges of the global business landscape.

HEC Paris MiM Application Deadlines

Here are the crucial dates to keep in mind if you’re looking to join HEC Paris MiM Program in September 2024

RoundApplication DeadlineTime Zone
Round 1October 17th, 2023 at 12 pm (noon)CEST
Round 2January 3rd, 2024 at 12 pm (noon)CET
Round 3February 28th, 2024 at 12 pm (noon)CET
Round 4April 17th, 2024 at 12 pm (noon)CEST

HEC Paris MiM Application Process

The application process is designed to identify and welcome individuals with exceptional potential, irrespective of their nationality.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the HEC Paris MiM application process:

Eligibility Criteria

Prospective applicants are required to hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an international institution. Key eligibility criteria include:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree of at least three years with a minimum of 180 ECTS in any field of study.
  • Applicants can apply in the same year they obtain their degree.
  • French language proficiency is not an admission criterion.

Application Steps

Supporting Documents

  • Degree certificate(s) or current enrollment certificate.
  • Official academic transcripts from all higher education institutions attended.
  • Résumé (CV) detailing academic and professional achievements.
  • GMAT, GRE, or TAGE MAGE official score report.
  • English language proficiency test score report (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or Cambridge).
  • Two completed online reference forms, with at least one from a professor.
  • Passport-style photo.
  • Non-refundable application fee of €125.


  • Pre-selected applicants undergo a 25-30 minute interview.
  • Discussion topics include background, motivation, interests, and career goals.
  • Online interviews (in English) for direct HEC applicants.
  • If applying through Join a School in France, interviews (in English) are conducted at one of the 80 centers worldwide.

Cost of HEC Paris MiM (Master in Management) Program

Embarking on a Master’s in Management (MiM) journey at HEC Paris comes with a comprehensive understanding of the financial investment involved. Prospective students often seek clarity on tuition fees, additional costs, and living expenses. Here’s a breakdown of the costs associated with the HEC Paris MiM program:

Tuition Fees

The total tuition fees for the two-year HEC Paris Master in Management program amount to €53,200. It’s crucial to note that these fees only pertain to the standard MiM program and not the Double Degree Programs, for which specific prices can be obtained by contacting the recruitment manager.

Tuition Fee Schedule

Academic YearAcademic FeesStudent Service FeesAdministrative FeesTotal Tuition Fees
M1 (2024/2025)€23,700€1,950€950€26,600
M2 or Optional Gap Year (2025/2026)€23,700€1,950€950€26,600
M2 post Optional Gap Year (2026/2027)€1,950€950€2,900

Note: Annual HEC Student service fees and Administrative fees (€1,800 + €950) are payable for any additional year until graduation.

Admitted students are required to confirm their seats within three weeks after the final results are announced by submitting a non-refundable deposit of €5,000, which is deducted from their total tuition fees.

Living Costs

In addition to tuition fees, students should consider living costs, which are approximately €1,000 per month as of 2023. These costs cover housing, food, compulsory insurances (health and civil liability), sports, and leisure. It’s important to keep in mind that living expenses may vary based on individual lifestyle choices.


  • Transparent Fee Structure: HEC Paris provides a clear breakdown of the tuition fee schedule, helping students plan their finances for each academic year. The inclusion of academic fees, student service fees, and administrative fees in the schedule ensures transparency.
  • Admission Confirmation Deposit: The non-refundable deposit of €5,000 serves as a commitment from admitted students and is deducted from the total tuition fees. This deposit policy is common among leading educational institutions.
  • Additional Years: For students opting for an optional gap year or requiring additional time to complete their studies, there are additional fees for student service and administrative fees. This structure accommodates various academic paths.
  • Living Costs Considerations: Prospective students should factor in the estimated living costs to have a comprehensive understanding of the total investment required for the duration of their studies at HEC Paris.

HEC Paris MiM Scholarships

HEC Paris, a renowned institution committed to nurturing global business leaders, acknowledges the importance of providing financial support to talented students through various scholarships. These opportunities not only make the HEC Master in Management (MiM) program accessible but also attract a diverse pool of high-potential individuals. 

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the scholarships available at HEC Paris:

HEC Foundation Excellence Scholarship

The HEC Foundation Excellence Scholarship is a testament to the commitment of HEC Paris to support exceptional international students. Funded by the alumni community and businesses associated with the HEC Paris Foundation, this scholarship is open to all candidates with non-French diplomas (Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree).

All non-French diploma holdersAutomatic consideration upon admission to master’s programs
No additional documents required

Women’s High Potential Scholarship

In an effort to empower women, HEC Paris offers the Women’s High Potential Scholarship, providing up to €15,000 annually to outstanding female candidates of all nationalities and programs. Eligibility is automatically assessed upon admission.

EligibilityAssessment Criteria
Female applicants
All nationalities and programs
Candidates will be assessed on their academic excellence and leadership potential, evaluated in their transcript, resumé, and interview.  

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

Established by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship aims to attract top international students to master’s and PhD programs. Eligible candidates must apply in Round 1 for the 2024/2025 intake.

EligibilityHow to ApplyGrant
Age 25 or belowCandidates applying to Round 1 for 2024/2025 intake onlyMonthly allowance of €1181, international return ticket, social security, and cultural activities

Other HEC Paris MiM Scholarships

HEC Paris offers a range of additional scholarships, each with its specific criteria and benefits. Some noteworthy ones include:

  • The Equal Opportunity Scholarship
  • The Imagine Fellowship
  • CMA-CGM Excellence Fund for Lebanon
  • Social Bursaries from the Garzouzi Foundation
  • 30% Club Scholarship
  • Avenir Scholarship
  • Flywire
  • Local Scholarships

For detailed information on these scholarships, candidates are encouraged to visit the HEC MiM Scholarships page.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude this guide, envision yourself at the forefront of global business with the HEC Paris MiM Program. The class profile reveals a mosaic of talents, the employment reports speak of success, application deadlines open doors, and scholarships pave the way. 

HEC Paris is not just a school; it’s a launchpad for your aspirations. Seize the opportunity, join the diverse community, and shape your future in the dynamic world of business with HEC Paris MiM. Your journey starts here.

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