HEC Paris MBA – A Complete Guide

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Renowned for its global reputation, innovative curriculum, and commitment to diversity, HEC Paris offers a unique blend of academic rigor and hands-on learning experiences.

Whether you’re seeking a January or September intake, the rolling admissions process ensures a swift response to your application, allowing you to join a vibrant community of future business leaders.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of the HEC Paris MBA Program, exploring its diverse class profile, dissecting the impressive employment statistics, unraveling the intricacies of the curriculum, understanding the financial landscape with detailed fees breakdown, navigating the myriad scholarship opportunities, and demystifying the admissions process.

MBA Program Overview at HEC Paris

  • Format: Full-time
  • Duration: 16 months
  • Language: English
  • Next Start Date: August 26, 2024
  • Cost: €98,000
  • Location: France

HEC Paris MBA Class Profile 2024

MetricClass of 2024
Average Age30
Work Experience (Avg)6 years
International (%)95%
GMAT Average690

Class of 2024 Geographic Origins

Asia & Oceania43%
Latin America15%
North America14%
Africa & Middle East11%
  • Diversity: The HEC Paris MBA class of 2024 boasts an impressive level of diversity with participants representing 48 different nationalities, reflecting the program’s global appeal and inclusive atmosphere.
  • Gender Balance: The program is making strides towards gender inclusivity, with 38% of the participants being women, a positive indication of efforts to create a balanced learning environment.
  • International Outlook: The HEC Paris MBA program is truly international, with a staggering 95% of the participants coming from various corners of the globe. This diverse composition enriches the learning experience by exposing students to a multitude of perspectives.
  • Average Age and Work Experience: With an average age of 30 and an average of 6 years of work experience, the class brings a wealth of professional backgrounds and experiences, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas in and out of the classroom.
  • GMAT Excellence: The average GMAT score of 690 underlines the academic prowess of the class, indicating a high level of intellectual rigor among the participants.
  • Geographic Origins: The geographical distribution of participants reveals a strong representation from Asia & Oceania (43%), followed by Europe (17%), Latin America (15%), North America (14%), and Africa & the Middle East (11%). This distribution further enhances the global perspective within the class, reflecting the program’s international appeal and reach.

HEC Paris MBA Employment Report

The HEC Paris MBA program not only equips its graduates with a world-class education but also paves the way for remarkable career outcomes. The employment report for the Class of 2022 unveils compelling statistics and insights, showcasing the program’s global impact and the diverse avenues pursued by its alumni.

Key Findings:

  • Swift Career Integration: 92% of graduates secured job offers within three months of graduation, reflecting the program’s effectiveness in preparing students for the dynamic job market.
  • Global Mobility: 75% of graduates found employment outside their home country, emphasizing the international reach and adaptability fostered by the HEC Paris MBA.
  • Competitive Compensation: The average annual salary package stands at $115,827, underlining the financial rewards of the program.

Placement by Sector

Retail & Luxury8%
Transportation & Logistics4%
Consumer Packaged Goods3%
Energy & Utilities3%
Media & Entertainment2%
Real Estate1%
  • Tech and Consulting Prowess: The intersection of technology and consulting remains a stronghold for HEC Paris MBA graduates, with a combined 48% representation in these sectors. This reflects the adaptability of the program to the demands of modern business landscapes.
  • Strong Representation of Finance: Finance holds a significant presence, constituting 15% of employment placements. This indicates a robust demand for finance professionals and reflects the program’s effectiveness in preparing students for roles in the financial sector.
  • Retail & Luxury and Manufacturing: In Europe, particularly in France, retail and luxury industries hold substantial economic importance. The presence of manufacturing alongside retail highlights the region’s emphasis on producing high-quality goods and delivering premium customer experiences.

Placement by Function

Financial Services11%
General Management12%
Human Resources2%
Information Technology4%
Operations & Logistics16%
  • Consulting Dominance: The standout observation is the significant presence of HEC Paris MBA graduates in the consulting realm, constituting 32% of placements. This underscores the program’s strength in producing professionals sought after for strategic advisory roles.
  • Versatility in Functions: Beyond consulting, graduates have diversified across functions, with substantial representations in areas such as general management, marketing/sales, and operations/logistics, showcasing the program’s versatility in molding leaders for diverse roles.

Salary Insights by Industry

IndustryMean SalaryMedian SalaryPerformance Bonus (Mean)
Consumer Packaged Goods$124,610$128,150N/A
  • Consulting Dominance: Consulting emerges as a lucrative career path, with a mean annual salary of $124,269, a median of $116,559, and a broad salary range from $44,690 to $200,000.
  • Finance Excellence: The finance sector offers a mean annual salary of $112,731, with a wide salary range from $55,234 to $248,000, showcasing lucrative opportunities for finance professionals.
  • Government/Non-profit Impact: Graduates entering the government/non-profit sector enjoy a mean annual salary of $141,405, further dispelling the notion that impactful careers are devoid of competitive remuneration.

Hiring by Region

Hiring Outside Home Country: 75%

Asia & Oceania12%
Africa & Middle East9%
North America8%
Latin America*5%
*And Caribbean **Excluding France 
  • Global Mobility: An impressive 75% of graduates secured employment outside their home countries, affirming the program’s global perspective and its ability to prepare students for international careers.
  • European Hub: Europe emerges as a significant hub, with 44% of graduates finding opportunities in the region, further emphasizing the program’s strong ties with the European job market.

Salary Insights by Location

LocationMean SalaryMedian SalaryPerformance Bonus (Mean)
North America$160,311$189,000$30,695
Middle East/Gulf Region$152,804$156,000$32,170
Asia (including Oceania)$124,685$124,800$40,000
Europe (excluding France)$114,605$113,357$20,427
Latin America$96,239N/AN/A
  • North America Takes the Lead: With a mean annual salary of $160,311, North America emerges as the highest-paying region, with graduates securing opportunities ranging from $78,146 to an impressive $252,000.
  • Middle East/Gulf Region Impact: The Middle East/Gulf Region offers a mean annual salary of $152,804, highlighting the region’s growing prominence as a hub for business and career opportunities.
  • Asia Shines Bright: Graduates securing roles in Asia (including Oceania) enjoy a mean annual salary of $124,685, reflecting the region’s economic dynamism and the value placed on HEC Paris MBA graduates.

Career Transformation

Career Landscape Overview

  • 75% Employed Outside of Home Country: The program’s global outlook is evident as a significant majority, 75%, of the class secured employment opportunities beyond their home countries. This reflects HEC Paris’ commitment to cultivating a diverse and internationally oriented cohort.
  • 77% Changed Sector: A remarkable 77% of the class experienced a sector shift post-MBA, highlighting the program’s ability to facilitate transitions into new industries.
  • 65% Changed Function: The emphasis on versatility is apparent, with 65% of graduates transitioning into different job functions, showcasing the program’s effectiveness in broadening skill sets.
  • 74% Changed Location: Geographical flexibility is a key feature as nearly three-quarters of the class moved to new locations for their post-MBA roles, underlining the global mobility facilitated by the program.
  • 79% Changed at Least Two of Three: A substantial 79% of students underwent a multifaceted transformation, changing at least two of the three key factors: sector, function, and location.
  • 35% Changed All Three: The pinnacle of transformation was reached by 35% of the class, who successfully changed all three aspects—sector, function, and location—signifying a holistic metamorphosis in their professional lives.

Industry Change

The table below highlights the pre-MBA and post-MBA industry distribution, emphasizing the significant shifts observed:

IndustryPre MBAPost MBADifference
Retail & Luxury5%8%+3%
Transportation & Logistics1%4%+3%
Consumer Packaged Goods8%3%-5%
Financial Services21%15%-6%


  • Consulting Dominance: Consulting emerged as the leading sector for career transitions, with a remarkable 13% increase, showcasing the program’s strength in preparing students for roles in this dynamic field.
  • Technology Surge: Technology witnessed an impressive 8% surge, reflecting the growing importance of tech-driven industries and the program’s adaptability to evolving market trends.
  • Consumer Packaged Goods Shift: While Consumer Packaged Goods experienced a 5% decline, this may indicate a strategic shift in the career preferences of the cohort, possibly influenced by changing market dynamics.

Function Change

The following table illustrates the pre-MBA and post-MBA function distribution, shedding light on functional shifts:

FunctionPre MBAPost MBADifference
Financial Services14%11%-3%
General Management14%12%-2%
Operations & Logistics14%16%+2%


  • Consulting Mastery: Similar to the industry trends, consulting also dominated in the function category, witnessing a substantial 14% increase, showcasing the program’s effectiveness in preparing students for consulting roles.
  • Technology Adaptability: While the technology function experienced a 3% decline, the program’s agility is evident in other areas, such as the significant increase in technology industry placements.
  • Operations & Logistics Gains: Operations & Logistics saw a positive shift of 2%, indicating the program’s success in preparing students for roles in this crucial business function.

HEC Paris MBA Curriculum

HEC Paris MBA offers a transformative 16-month program designed to cultivate skills and provide hands-on experience in diverse sectors and job functions. 

With intakes in September and January, the curriculum focuses on individualized career development through the HEC Talents career center, ensuring a balance between impactful learning and a limited hiatus from the workforce.

Program DurationTwo IntakesCore Curriculum Alignment
16 monthsSeptember & JanuaryUnified Core Curriculum

Teamwork in a Collaborative Community

Students, irrespective of their intake, converge into a single class during the Customized Phase, fostering a sense of teamwork and collaboration within the cohort.

Fundamental and Customized Phases: Tailoring Excellence

Fundamental Phase (8 Months): Building Foundations

The rigorous 8-month Fundamental Phase combines academic training and practical learning to instill core business skills. Courses span from Business Economics to Leadership Communication, employing various teaching methods such as lectures, case studies, and simulations.

Term 1 CoursesTerm 2 Courses
Business ConceptsCorporate Finance
Data Science CampEthics and Sustainability
Math CampMacro-economics for Business
Negosim Business SimulationManagement Accounting and Control
Bach GameOperations Management
Financial Accounting and ReportingOrganizational Behavior
Financial MarketsStrategic Management
Leadership CommunicationThe CARS Challenge
Managerial Economics
Managing Customer Value through Marketing
Problem Solving and Communication
Statistics and Business Analytics

Customized Phase: Tailoring the MBA Experience

The subsequent 8-month Customized Phase empowers students to tailor their MBA journey according to personal aspirations and professional objectives. This phase offers a spectrum of options, including specializations, elective courses, international exchanges, internships, and in-depth learning projects.

MBA Specializations

  • Strategic Marketing: Analyze customer journeys to construct and execute powerful, sustainable marketing strategies.
  • Strategy: Learn advanced frameworks and techniques for profitable and sustainable growth in dynamic markets.
  • Data And AI For Business Transformation: Acquire skills in data science for transformative business applications.
  • Advanced Management: Develop leadership capacity and excel in executive positions in the global workplace.
  • Sustainable And Disruptive Innovation: Identify transformation opportunities, spot disruption, and propose informed solutions.
  • Finance: Gain in-depth insights into the world of finance, preparing for post-MBA careers in or outside the finance industry.
  • Entrepreneurship: Demystify the startup process by creating a business project around disruptive technology.

HEC Paris MBA Fees

Tuition Fees

Sept. 2024Jan. 2025
Payment Installments€45,000€48,000

The tuition fees are structured to accommodate both the September 2024 and January 2025 intakes. A deposit of €9,000 is followed by installment payments to facilitate financial planning.

Accommodation Costs

Room TypePrice/MonthSizeNumber Available
Individual Room€649.3519 m2177
One Bedroom Apartment€898.9535-38 m224

HEC Paris offers accommodation options catering to diverse preferences and needs. From the cozy Individual Room to the more spacious One-Bedroom Apartment, students can choose accommodations that align with their lifestyle. The availability of 177 Individual Rooms and 24 One-Bedroom Apartments ensures a variety of choices.

Estimated Expenses For 16 Months

ExpenseEstimated Cost

In addition to tuition and accommodation, prospective students should factor in additional expenses. The estimated costs for books, meals, miscellaneous items, and transportation contribute to the overall budgeting considerations.

Special Note for MBA Students Living with Partners:

For those MBA students who opt to live with their partners on campus, estimated costs are approximately €32,000, encompassing accommodation and associated expenses for a shared living arrangement.

HEC Paris MBA Scholarships

In the pursuit of academic excellence and diversity, HEC Paris MBA presents a range of scholarships to support deserving candidates in their educational journey. The scholarship application process is seamlessly integrated into the MBA program application, offering a holistic approach to financial aid. 

Let’s explore the various scholarships available for your MBA journey at HEC Paris.

S.No.Name of ScholarshipAdditional essay requiredDetailsAmount AwardedDeadlineDecision Date
1HEC PARIS MBA SCHOLARSHIP FOR EXCELLENCENoMerit-based scholarship open to all admitted candidates. Selection based on academic excellence, overall application strength, GMAT score, and interview performance.Up to 50%Automatic consideration upon admissionOne week after admission
2FORTE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPYes (1,500-word essay explaining why they should be the Forté Scholar at the HEC Paris MBA)Open to admitted candidates demonstrating exemplary leadership skills and a commitment to women’s advancement in business. Applicants must meet standard selection criteria.Up to €26,000Application deadline coincides with MBA applicationOne week after admission
3HEC PARIS MBA SCHOLARSHIP FOR DIVERSITYNoMerit-based scholarship aimed at creating diverse MBA cohorts. Candidates must demonstrate exceptional academic and professional backgrounds contributing to a diverse class profile.Up to 50%Automatic consideration upon admissionOne week after admission
430% CLUB SCHOLARSHIPNoDedicated to high-potential female candidates with strong leadership qualities. Aiming to increase women’s representation in business, this scholarship covers 50% of tuition fees for the first year.50% of tuition fees for the first yearAutomatic consideration upon admissionOne week after admission
5ARD/HEC PARIS SCHOLARSHIPNoFor officers from the French armed forces transitioning to civilian life. Applicants must have begun the transition process with ARD and meet HEC Paris MBA admission criteria.€16,000One week after admissionOne week after admission
6LAIDLAW SCHOLARS PROGRAMYes (Two essay questions)
1. Describe what becoming a Laidlaw Scholar would mean to you (200 words)  
2. As a future Laidlaw Scholar, how will you contribute to helping develop a new generation of leaders? (200 words) 
Aimed at exceptional women candidates from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Candidates must demonstrate leadership potential and the ability to effect positive change.Full tuition scholarship (100%)Submit the essays with the rest of the application by the application deadlineOne week after admission
7CMA CGM EXCELLENCE FUND FOR LEBANONNoDesigned for Lebanese students facing financial constraints. Candidates must meet eligibility criteria, including Lebanese nationality, academic merit, outstanding potential, and financial need.Up to 50% of tuition feesAutomatic consideration upon admissionOne week after admission
8L’OREAL SCHOLARSHIPYes (1,500-word essay discussing the style of leadership they think maximizes creativity and innovation.)Awarded to outstanding candidates demonstrating significant professional accomplishments and leadership potential. Applicants must discuss effective leadership styles in their essay.€10,000Application deadline coincides with MBA applicationDecision date varies by intake
9PARIS SACLAY INNOVATION CLUSTER SCHOLARSHIPNoFor alumni from Paris Saclay universities and employees working on the ‘plateau de Saclay’. Candidates must meet eligibility criteria and be admitted to the MBA program for consideration.Up to €16,000Automatic consideration upon admissionOne week after admission
10SERGE BELLANGER FRENCH-AMERICAN BUSINESS STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPYes (1 personal essay that is typed, double spaced, and 2-4 pages in length outlining your personal motivations)For American nationals attending MBA programs in France or French nationals attending MBA programs in the US. Applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria and submit required documents for consideration.Up to $10,000Visit FACC website for detailsVisit FACC website for details

Country-Specific Financial Aid:

HEC Paris recognizes the importance of nationality in financial aid eligibility. Candidates may be eligible for country-specific scholarships, loans, and funding options based on their nationality.

HEC Paris MBA Admissions

HEC Paris has a rolling admissions process, providing candidates the flexibility to start their MBA journey either in January or September.

 The streamlined process ensures swift responses, with admission decisions communicated just five weeks after the application deadline. The following details shed light on the deadlines, eligibility criteria, and the essential application checklist.

Application Deadline

September 2024 Intake:

Application DeadlineDecision DateDeadline to Confirm
13 November 202315 December 202314 January 2024
11 December 202319 January 202418 February 2024
15 January 202416 February 202415 March 2024
12 February 202415 March 202414 April 2024
18 March 202419 April 202418 May 2024
15 April 202417 May 202416 June 2024
20 May 202421 June 202420 July 2024
17 June 202419 July 202418 August 2024

January 2025 Intake:

Application DeadlineDecision DateDeadline to Confirm
15 January 202416 February 202415 March 2024
12 February 202415 March 202414 April 2024
18 March 202419 April 202418 May 2024
15 April 202417 May 202416 June 2024
20 May 202421 June 202420 July 2024
17 June 202419 July 202418 August 2024
19 August 202420 September 202419 October 2024
16 September 202418 October 202417 November 2024
14 October 202415 November 202412 December 2024
12 November 202413 December 202431 December 2024

The rolling admissions process ensures candidates receive responses promptly—within five weeks after the application deadline.

Eligibility Criteria

To initiate the admission review, candidates must fulfill the following eligibility requirements:

  • With an Undergraduate Degree:
    • Completion of an undergraduate program from an accredited university.
    • Strongly encouraged to have a minimum of 2 years of professional experience.
  • Without an Undergraduate Degree (Waiver Conditions):
    • Certificate confirming completion of secondary education.
    • A minimum of 5 years of professional experience, with at least 3 years in a managerial position.
    • Athletes representing their country at a national level.

The ideal candidate for HEC Paris MBA typically possesses between 2 and 10 years of professional working experience, with the Class of 2025 showcasing an average of 6 years.

MBA Application Requirements

A complete application must include the following:

Application ComponentsSubmission Requirement
Completed Application FormOnline submission through the official platform
Completed EssaysReflective essays showcasing candidacy
2 RecommendationsLetters supporting the candidate’s suitability
Current Professional Resume in EnglishDetailed resume highlighting work experience and achievements
Passport-style PhotoA recent photograph adhering to passport specifications
Transcripts from all post-secondary institutionsOfficial academic transcripts as proof of education
Copy of Passport or Birth CertificateIdentification documents for verification
Official GMAT or GRE Score ReportOfficial test scores sent to HEC Paris with designated codes
Test taker copy of TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge English Exam, PTE Score Report or Duolingo English TestEnglish proficiency test results, if applicable
Non-refundable application fee of €200Payment to complete the application process

You are encouraged to adhere to these requirements for a comprehensive and competitive application.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude my exploration of the HEC Paris MBA Program, it’s clear that the global perspective, diverse class profile, and meticulous curriculum paint a picture of an institution committed to fostering versatile and visionary leaders. 

The scholarships and employment report further underscore the program’s effectiveness in translating education into impactful careers. HEC Paris MBA isn’t just a degree; it’s an immersive experience shaping leaders for a dynamic world.

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