admitStreet Profile Building Program

In speaking with dozens of young candidates (with 0-3 years work experience), we receive some common questions:

  • What can I do to make my profile stand out amidst the competitive applicant pool?
  • What GMAT/ GRE score should I aim for, and which schools should I target?
  • What should I do to showcase leadership, diversity and international exposure, if my job doesn’t allow me to do that? 
  • What extracurriculars should I focus on to improve my chances? 
  • I want to be a Management Consultant (or Product Manager) post-MBA. What can I do to improve my odds? 
  • How best can I research my target B-schools and post-MBA career paths?

These are absolutely valid questions, and all these dimensions do get assessed in your candidature to the top B-schools.

A weak profile will put you at a disadvantage when you apply to global B-schools, with their highly selective nature admitting only a fraction of applicants. (Check out the statistics here).

If you approach us 1-3 years before your application deadlines, there is a lot we can do to help build your profile.

This would not only put you at a significant advantage over the competition, but also give you a glimpse of our working process and what top global B-schools look for in their applicants.

Here are the steps we follow in our admitStreet Profile Building Program™:

Step 1: Profile Assessment

We conduct a thorough assessment of your profile, including academics, work experience and extracurricular activities. In our MBA StreetMap™ questionnaire, you’ll find questions that all top B-schools cover in their applications, including themes such as achievements, goals/ aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

These data points, and your CV would help us understand your profile and its nuances.

Step 2: Career Planning

After analyzing your profile, we get into a 60-minute discussion to discuss your strengths, identify viable career paths, and if and how an MBA can help you get there.

This discussion will also cover nuances of your current career trajectory including what you can do to strengthen your profile professionally.

Step 3: Gap Analysis

We analyze inputs from the above steps to generate a personalized report, covering the various dimensions of your profile.

This will provide you with a clear idea of how MBA Admissions Committees will assess you if you present a similar profile in 1-3 years.

Our personalized report will cover the following:

  • Our analysis of your personality type, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, improvement areas, and which career paths would give you the most satisfaction.
  • We’ll let you know your score against our proprietary assessment parameters, and where you stand against competition.
  • We’ll categorize the top B-schools into 3 buckets (Ambitious, Reach, Safe), so you’ll know which schools to target and what to do in order to land those admits.

Step 4: Action plan

A clear plan with actionable steps, feedback mechanisms and timelines for the next months/years to strengthen your profile. We provide a 60-minute consultation, covering questions you may have on your profile, the career planning, our report, the recommendations and the timelines.

We’ll cover aspects related to GMAT/ GRE prep, target B-schools, professional arc, extracurriculars, social work, and more.

We’ll also share some successful journeys undertaken by candidates who were in your shoes.

Step 5: Ongoing Mentorship

One follow up call every two months to track your progress and provide feedback based on the ongoing developments.

We’ll also engage in monthly email updates.

This continuous support helps you stay focused and motivated, ensuring that you make tangible progress towards your B-school goals.

Check out some of our recent success stories 

Reach out to us for details of pricing and to sign up for the Profile Building Program!

By choosing admitStreet, you will get to work directly with Arvind Kumar. Having transitioned from a software-engineering role to management consulting (also geographically to Germany and to the UAE) post-MBA, Arvind’s insights will guide you through your successful transition into B-school. We will also offer a discount if you sign up for any of our (3+ School) packages when you are ready to apply.